Q1: Do these LED headlights need additional anti-flickering decoders/resistors from my car?

Q2: While installing these LED headlights for my car, I get an error message saying I need to check the left and right headlights. Do you have any solutions?

A: Our LED headlights work well for most car models. But some car models do not automatically recognize the headlight besides the original one so there will be flickering and onboard computer self- check error. If you get that problem, please contact us for the LED headlight decoder.

Q3: Why the plug of the H1/H3 LED headlight doesn't fit in the bulb connector of my car? A: H1 / H3 halogen headlight are customized for different car models.

Scenario 1: There is only one positive pin, and the negative pin connects the metal bracket directly. Since the LED headlight must also connect both the positive and negative pins, you will need to pull the negative cable, which is fixed on the bracket, and insert it to the LED headlight plug as the negative pin and it should work.

Scenario 2: If the positive and negative cables are combined into one, please contact us for a new set of connector adapters.

Q4: When I was using the high beam and then switching back to low beam, the high beam stay active. Do you have any ideas of what happens (for H4/9007/H13 model)?

A: There is a problem with the electric circuit of the high beam. It makes a return circuit itself. Please contact us and we will send a set of the special wire harness to you to solve the problem.

Q5: The dust cover does not fit the headlight assembly because the fan is too big. What should I do?

A: The LED headlight definitely needs a heat sink at the bottom. It ensures the LED headlight is working under a normal temperature and have longer life hours. The LED bulb is a refitting part of the car, not the original one. If you have this problem, Please contact us and we will provide some instructions or dust cover for replacement.