Cougar Motor website started in 2015 and is a website of ” Guangzhou Mingmiwei Trading Co., Ltd ” , fill the gap in the aftermarket for high-end automotive lighting products. We are the automotive lighting pioneer and change the way people see at night. Throughout the years, Cougar Motor brings a higher level of excellence and service to our customers. Our company is well staffed with employees within all of our departments that aim to have exceptional service from pre-sales to after sales. Cougar Motor has been recognized and awarded within a majority of the popular automotive aftermarket. All of our products are inspected guaranteed by our quality assurance department. Our extensive knowledge, as well as our willingness to act upon it, has enabled us to become the industry’s lead automotive parts provider.

Cougar Motor网站始于2015年,为 “ 广州明米微贸易有限公司 ” 旗下网站,旨在填补高端汽车照明产品的售后市场空白。 多年来,Cougar Motor为我们的客户带来了更高水平的卓越服务。 我们公司所有部门的员工配备齐全,旨在从售前到售后提供卓越的服务。 美洲狮汽车已在大多数受欢迎的汽车售后市场中得到认可和奖励。 我们所有的产品均由我们的质量保证部门进行检查保证。 我们的广泛知识以及我们愿意采取行动的意愿使我们成为了业界领先的汽车零部件供应商。


To delight our customers with the high valued quality, innovation, and service. It is not just catch phrases at Cougar Motor- they’re our vision.
We work toward achieving them every day, in every department from the front office all the way to shipping. At our company, we take pride in meeting the ever changing demands of a challenging marketplace while serving our most valuable asset, our customers.Hard work, determination and adherenceto these ideals have enabled us to achieve great success. 
We aim to provide quality products, professional service, and competitive prices through the dedication of Cougar Motor and all its team members because the automotive industry is the passion in which our thrives and succeeds.

以高价值的质量,创新和服务使我们的客户满意。 这不仅仅是Cougar Motor的口头禅,而是我们的愿景。
从前台到运输的各个部门,我们每天都在努力实现这些目标。 在我们公司,我们为满足最富挑战性的市场不断变化的需求而感到自豪,同时为我们最宝贵的资产-我们的客户提供服务-艰苦奋斗,坚定不移的努力以及对这些理想的坚持使我们取得了巨大的成功。
我们的目标是通过Cougar Motor及其所有团队的奉献精神,提供优质的产品,专业的服务和有竞争力的价格,因为汽车行业是我们蓬勃发展和成功的激情。

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